Who are we?









We are an independent local charity, who is  also part of the nationwide Home-Start UK network.  We are a local community network of trained Volunteers and expert support helping families with young children through their challenging times. 

Our small staff team supports our Volunteers.  Co-ordinators recruit, train and provide ongoing supervision of the volunteers.

Our Family Support Workers specialises in short-term, highly complex families where volunteer support may not be sufficient.

Our Scheme Manager ensures we have the funding and partnerships needed to keep the scheme going and oversees the whole scheme along with our Board of Trustees.

Home-Start Newcastle Borough is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. It is managed by a Board of Trustees.

We have a team of committed, professionally trained and highly experienced volunteers and family support workers who deliver Home-Start's unique brand of family support across a range of issues, offering both practical and emotional help to empower families to function more independently.

Our team provides home visiting support for families across a range of issues such as post-natal depression, coping with disabilities, isolation, low self esteem, parenting problems, routines and boundaries, nutrition and cooking, attending medical appointments and lots more. We offer both practical and emotional support for 2-3 hours, 1 day a week. Through early intervention our volunteers aim to empower families and give them strategies so they are able to function more independently and to be able to deal with issues themselves in the future.

'Home-Start's relationship with my son has been fantastic. Great supportive service, helping in more ways than I knew they could.' 

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