How to become a volunteer with Home-Start Newcastle Borough

How do I become a volunteer?

Please complete our short enquiry form, and send it to us, you will then be contacted by phone, for a chat, before we ask you to come in for an interview as part of our selection process. If you’re selected, we will book you in for our next training session.

  1. Complete the enquiry form – send it to You’ll go through some statements about the listening role and then complete our online enquiry form - it's quick we just need a few details.

  2. Have a conversation with us. We can discuss the roles available, get to know you and you can learn more about us.

  3. Have an interview. This is an opportunity to meet in person, get some of the admin done and out of the way, and finalise your training dates

  4. Start your training Our training covers everything you’ll need to feel comfortable in the role.

  5. Our recruitment and training can take a few months from when you make your first enquiry, but we value everyone who is interested in volunteering with us, so we ask that you be patient and look forward to meeting you.