Has your family had a letter offering you a visit from us?

As a family support charity, we also carry out additional work on behalf of Staffordshire County Council. We send out letters to local families in Newcastle Borough with babies aged between 3-8 months. As we adapt to working within the government's guidelines, we no longer offer a home visit but we do invite you to contact us if you would like to arrange a remote session with one of our friendly family support staff to discuss any issues, concerns or questions you have as a parent. 


Our letter includes:

  • information about local groups and activities

  • how to access free pass cards so that some local activities can be attended free of charge

  • useful contact numbers


We are here to help in any way you may feel would be useful for you and your young children.

If you have received a letter offering visit, and you would like more information please do not hesitate to call us on 01782 938912.


'Ange was a qualified, experienced, compassionate, warm, down-to-earth, realistic and very special lady whom I will be forever grateful to. My boys loved her too, in particular my baby Samuel. He really enjoyed his funny playtime and singing songs and the froggy rattle. We were in very safe, trusted and knowledgeable hands. God bless Ange and the Home-Start team.'